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Everywhere you look now, the headlines read the same. It seems we’re living in a society that has gone crazy and is spinning out of control. Why? What would cause such a large portion of humanity to seemingly lose their mind?

Well, it started long ago in the Garden of Eden. The natural system that was put into place by our Creator was broken, and it’s been on a downward spiral ever since. Mankind has continued to compromise the natural laws put into place. The natural order of a man and woman, a husband and wife leading a family with healthy boundaries established by Godly living has been compromised to include whatever definition feels right to whoever is making the choices. Man has been taken out as the spiritual leader. Natural family structure has been destroyed.


Our very identities are being challenged on every front. Children as young as two or three years old are being targeted, leaving their precious young minds filled with confusion and distress. With this carnage in the system has come all the heartbreaking consequences that go along with it. The deadly statistics of a fatherless society reflect the results of a system gone awry, and they continue to escalate every day.

Majesty Outdoors is not in the business of rescue. We are in the business of restoration.

The definition of restoration is the return of something to a former, original, normal, or unimpaired condition. Majesty Outdoors wants to shatter the cycle of dysfunction brought on by a broken system that is causing this epidemic. To do this we will need to bring restoration to the original system that will bring restoration to future generations.

Majesty Outdoors is proud to announce a new project that will bring this restoration to reality. Majesty Outdoors new property, “The Garden Commission” will provide the backdrop for the vision. We have purchased a 8.57-acre property with a 13,200 sq ft building that used to be an old monastery.  The building was in need of extensive repairs including asbestos abatement, which will in effect remove all the interior construction materials, down to the studs, and all windows and doors. The roof also needed replacement.

The building is now well on it’s way to being renovated, with asbestos abatement completed, new compostion roof installed, new windstorm and EPA certified windows and doors installed, and the exterior painted. We are currently working with architects for final plans to be submitted to the City for permitting to begin the buildout on the interior with plans to get started on that as soon as possible.


Thanks to our generous donors at our Adventures of Hope, 2022 for the new roof, to our supporters at the Heart of the Father Wild Game Dinner in October of 2022 for the funds for the windows and doors, and to our donors at Adventures of Hope 2023 for a portion of the HVAC and electrical budget. We continue to find provision to complete the project that will become a practical classroom for TideChangers Mentorship with outdoor activities, such as a lake, archery, volleyball, barns/animal pens, equine therapy, vegetable gardens, and even a farmer’s market at the front for the youth to learn business models in selling the products they raise.

This will provide a permanent home to serve the entire community with multiple Chapters of TideChangers and Estrella’s meeting concurrently.

As we continue to launch TideChangers Chapters in other communities, we’ll utilize this space to train and send out mentors, and in each one of those communities, we’ll lay the groundwork to start a property… just like this one. Rock City Church, will also provide ministry outreach through programs like their “Salt and Light” Homeschool Co-op. This program is already outgrowing space at their current site and will continue to grow at The Garden Commission.

We’ll develop and teach classes for single moms, single dads, families, and kids on how to live a life that goes “Back to the Garden”, a life to raise children in a manner that honors God, even in a society that doesn’t.

We’ve attached a rendering of the vision for the property and will be deveoping a photo library of the work in progress. To date through generous donors and foundation grants we’ve been able to complete much of the work required to complete the building renovation. But there’s still a long way to go, on the building and on the property.  If you’d like to be a part of this amazing project, you can donate services, materials, funding, or volunteer time.

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